Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wow... time really does fly

I had really not thought about my blog in years. No, really years...
My last post was early in 2012 when I had just started at Blue Shield. Then things got busy and my time for blogging evaporated.
And now I'm getting ready to start a new job at an old organization and here is my blog again. Let's see if I can remember how to write again.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Started full-time at Blue Shield of California

Started at Blue Shield of California at the end of February as a senior project manager. 

After 3 weeks, all is good. 

Though, I'm still figuring out what is expected of me.  Right now it looks like a very big box that had many dark corners.  Emerging are some familiar meetings.  Still hidden are the extent of the areas of responsibility. 

The people are very helpful and this looks like a team that knows what it is doing; that will really help me get up to speed. 

I'll be adding more as I swim a bit further down stream.