Friday, November 10, 2006

Wow, It's November

Time really flies when you are busy. And some times it flies when you are just sitting around, waiting for this and that to happen. Like it did for me.

I had some of the busy and some of the sitting. I like the busy better. It pays better. Just sitting doesn't tend to pay well. At least not the sitting I was doing. The waiting kind of sitting as opposed to the working kind of sitting. That kind pays well. I did some of that. Sitting on airplanes, in airports and taxis. Hotels and offices. Talking with people. Making assessments. Writing reports and delivering results. Good work. Happy making work; for me and the people I work with - a win-win.

As I read this back to myself, I am struck by the triteness of what I am saying. And yet, it also captures my movement in these past months. I have been consumed with sitting. I gained five pounds in the process. I am now back in the gym to remedy this situation and to get ready for skiing. Life can be trite. It is full of little bits and pieces that come together to make up hours, days, weeks, and months. And sometimes I get an opportunity to work with wonderful people and sometimes I am just sitting by myself. And that is also fine - sort of fine - not really.

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