Saturday, November 21, 2009

Be careful what you ask for

As I continue to work at Kaiser, I find that indeed they did hire me to make use of my skills. A lot of use.

This has provided me with an opportunity to practice what I have been telling others to do for years. Most of these things are proving to work well for me. Some ideas are proving to be more successful than others and not all work as well with all people; I knew this before - didn't I?

What this has done, is to give me a chance to field test my ideas. It has also prompted me to look at other ideas and ways to engage myself and my clients. This past year has been a great time of growth.

I've dived deeper into performance improvement, using Kaiserized tools. And I have just been introduced to Rypple - an on-line feedback tool. (I'll have more about this as I learn it's potential.)

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Tony said...

Response to “Be careful what you ask for”

I read your blog and I am wondering how many others apply what they teach. From my perspective if you don’t use what you teach then why teach it. In my current position I use every tool I teach and would not consider doing otherwise. Kudos to you for using what you teach.
Tony Talacko