Sunday, December 04, 2005

About me and my Goals

Here I am back at home after spending the weekend in Reno with my lady friend, writing to the blogsphere and I want to know what focus to take. How do I best use this space and time.

(I'm tempted to take a side trip here and talk about my ideas about time, space and symbols. However, since this usually ends with people all glassy-eyed, and since I can't see you and cut it off if this occurs, I'll save this for another time... And space.)

I think the best thing to do now is talk about me and my goals. (I just changed the title to reflect this.)

I'm a coach. I coach people. I do not coach teams or sports players, unless they want to be more successful in their life or business. It is life issues and business goals that are my focus. I have been doing this for almost six years and have been engaged in the helping/mental health field since 1994. My entry into this field started in 1983 while I was engaged in a series of self-awareness courses offered by Lifespring. At some point while doing this I realized that I wanted to work more directly with people and didn't want to always be focused on budgets and projects. I started back to school and earned my Masters in Counseling Psychology. This degree centered on Transpersonal Psychology. (More about this later.) I then started a Ph.D. program and left the corporate world behind. (My dissertation was on consumerism and the individual.)

My original intent was to become a psychologist and have a private practice. I started my internship with a non-profit organization called Rubicon in the San Francisco east bay city of Richmond. While I was doing the internship a position became available there and I accepted it. Within six months I became the program coordinator. (My past was haunting me - I am a very good manager in addition to being a very good therapist.) While I was on my way to a private practice, managed care changed the ground rules and I lost interest in this goal. Coincidentally, I was recruited to become a coach. This has become my calling.

The difficult part about coaching is the marketing of myself. (In this I am not alone.) Because of this, one of my goals for this blog is to assist in the marketing of me. So you can all consider your self my target market. All of you except those who are perfectly satisfied with every aspect of your life.

So, be warned. You will, if you read my blog, become more aware of what I do and how you could benefit.

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