Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not-So Random is now Not-So Often

I've been busy.

And I imagine you have also. So that lets us both off the hook.

I'm not writing and you're not reading.

So, what have we been doing with all this time? In my case I have been looking at what to work on next. I read the Opinion in MIT Sloan Management Review (Fall 2005) by John Humphreys. In Developing the Big Picture he offered that strategic thinking is not being learned or taught in corporations these days. He calls for "Organizational leaders [to] step in and fill the void by recognizing and rewarding big-picture thinking... [and] focusing on transferring their own conceptual thinking skill to their peers and to the next managerial generation." I agree.

I also am not sure there are leaders ready and able to do this. Strategic thinking is not difficult to do, however it needs to be learned and then practiced. My experience is that most corporations segregate this function into a specialty and do not reward strategic efforts that do not come from this department. So unless you are in this department you will not have anyone mentoring you in strategic thinking.

I would like to change this. I will be developing some materials on this. At least a paper/article and a teleclass. More to follow.

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