Tuesday, December 06, 2005

'Year of Magical Thinking' Headed for Broadway - New York Times

This book came out as I was thinking about my loss and how to bring some of what I learned to others. Now, to read that this might become a one-person show on Broadway seems to me like a logical extension of the book, of the story of loss and grief and maybe of her process of healing.

My feeling, having read the book by Didion, was that she had started to heal from her loss of her husband. And after the publication, the loss of her daughter. However, there seemed to me much more that was to come for this process. I could see the grief - it was there for all to read. What I could not see was a restarting of her life. Maybe this will be the restarting; the new thing that she needs. And maybe it will help others who see it.

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