Thursday, December 01, 2005

My First Post

They say that you never forget your first time. Who they are has always remined a mystery, and yet there is some truth to the saying. I remember many first times.

I remember my first kiss. I remember my first auto accident. I remember many other events in my life. Yet there are some things I can not recall. Some things have faded beyond remembering. For these things, my mind at times seems to invent memories for me. At least this seems the case when I share them with others who should also have a memory of the event. Or, maybe they are the ones with the inventive minds.

How we remember is a mystery to me. I realize there are researchers who believe they know all about memory; I don't believe them. I think we are far more complex than Science does.

I think I will remeber this first post as one that should have been tossed out. One that had no clear purpose or direction. As more of a random thought than the namesake not-so random thoughts.

And yet maybe there is a thread here that could redeem the post. (If a post needs this.) That thought is about memory, which is about thoughts. My thoughts may seem at times to be random (by me or others), yet they all originate from a vast reservoir of memories and the ideas that are then formed by my experiences or memories of these experiences. I may not always remember all the first times. However my mind contains the remnants and associations that become ideas.

I will present these as they become apparent to me.

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