Friday, December 02, 2005

In Reno and the Snow Again

My girl friend or lady friend (not sure of proper title), lives in Reno, while I live outside of San Francisco in Walnut Creek. So I drive to Reno more often than I used to.

The drive today was wonderful. A clear sky all the way up into the Sierras, where it clouded up somewhat. Big light grey clouds that carry the promise of more snow. You can now see the snow on the mountain tops and running down the trails that will soon start to have traffic jams of skiers... I'll be one of them.

This is a sometimes fringe benefit of starting a new relationship. You get an opportunity to try new things. In my case it is skiing. I tried it back in the 60s in Ohio where I grew up. There skiing meant taking off down a slope of ice. Praying that I would be able to stop before charging into the parking lot. I didn't last a season with the sport and it soured me on skiing even after I moved to California in the early 70s. (I think this in one more example on my hard-headedness.)

And now I am a skier again. At an age that most of my peers are giving it up because they don't want to kill them selves. I don't see it that way. (Hard-headedness again maybe.) I think it helps me to keep fit. Or, more exactly it gives me a reason to be more fit; so I don't kill myself. And I wear a helmet. So I don't have to prove just how hard my head is.

This post is another benefit of the drive; I have time to think about what is important to me. In this case it is the new relationship that has shown me how to try new things. Things that help me keep my life moving forward into new experiences.

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